Emergency response Station, Bellinzona

Emergency response Station, Bellinzona

The project is located within the former military arsenal of Bellinzona in a large agricultural area along the river Ticino. The pragmatic identity of the area and the vast open spaces around the site define the character of the project. The building of the Emergency response Station represents the central element of the area. The character of the building corresponds to its institutional typology, sober and balanced, and to the constructive system, influenced by the existing buildings. A silent building, immersed in the suspended atmosphere of the wide open spaces that cross the area. The project involves the construction of a new alarm system for Police, Border Guards and Fire Department, and the reorganization of the outside spaces of the area, according to a strategy of long-term settlement. In order to respond to the indeterminacy of the next interventions, the existing buildings are united by a basement that will work as a limit for the constructions that will gradually rise in the next phases. The outer upside-down pyramid is then countered by an opposite one inside, where the core, which contains all the technical spaces, narrows upwards. In correspondence with the spatial program, as we move upwards, the spaces become deeper, ending at the top with the two large twin rooms that characterize the building. The structure of the building is made up of a mixed construction system. The slabs, consisting of precast concrete, lean on the wall beams of the core and on the sandwich elements of the load-bearing façade.

Emergency response Station
Police, Offices, Seminar
Type of commission
Open Competition, 1. Prize

12'500 m³

Republic and Canton of Ticino

Building type

Tyrone Coletta, Michel Luppi, Luca Pessina

Tocchetti Architetti Ingegneri

Structural Engineer
Ingegneri Pedrazzini Guidotti, Lugano
Tocchetti Ingegneri, Lugano

Construction Management
Direzione Lavori S.A., Lugano

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri S.A.

Electrical Engineer
Elettroconsulenze Solcà S.A., Mendrisio

Building Physics
Evolve S.A., Bellinzona

Facade Planner
Mebatech AG, Baden

Fire Technician
Claudia Sulmoni, Melano

GTL S.A., Gravesano