School Center Tüffenwies, Zürich

School Center Tüffenwies, Zürich

The competition site is permeated by a number of infrastructural and planning conditions that required to develop a specific solution, finally becoming the "raison d'être" of the project. The site of the Tüffenwies school complex is situated close to the connecting artery of the A1 highway to the south and opens toward the Grünau neighborhood to the north. The new building stands as an extension and limit of the quarter, setting a clear public address, while at the same time the new volume serves as a sound shield for the outdoor sports fields. The limited building area available led to the definition of a compact and punctual building, while providing ample outdoor space for the surrounding area. School functions, triple gymnasium and outdoor recreational spaces form the main areas of the project structure the building vertically. A kind of "Architectural Promenade" meanders throughout the building and connects the common areas of the school. The need to bypass the massive underground pipeline that runs through the site, on the one hand, and the need to minimize the structural thickness of the gymnasium roof on the other, are solved with a structural gesture motivated by the tangible benefits derived. The result is an open and flexible " piano nobile " that extends between the concrete pedestal of the sports hall and the upper floors of the school, built with a lightweight wooden structure. The range of outdoor spaces is varied and has different characteristics: from the wide-open spaces around the building, to the terrace above the sports hall, to the green rooftop loggia with outdoor playing fields.

School Center Tüffenwies
Type of commission
Open Competition, 3. Prize

Building type

Stadt Zürich

60'000 m³

Denisa Balaj, Alessandro Luraschi, Aramis Vincenzi, Luca Pessina

Landscape Architecture
Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur

Structural Engineer
Schnetzer Puskas Bauingenieure

Building Technology
Amstein + Walthert AG

Building Physics
Amstein + Walthert AG

Fire Technician
B3 Kolb AG

Stefano Zeni